Thursday, January 19, 2012

Infinity Titans Go!

Remember when group team ups were big things that happened just once in awhile and not every month? Well here is one I want to do. Going way back to the 80's where we had the Teen Titans and the kids of the JSA, Infinity Inc! Dick Greyson is the Human Target, Hourman whos powers change every hour, Fury the invincible amazon with weapons of the gods, the man of metal might Cyborg, Aqualad scion of the sea, Silver Wing (since Silverhawk is taken) son of the hawks with his Nth metal solar armor, Lady Troy celestial amazon of peace, Jade the starheart personified, and Atom Smasher able to increase or decrease his size and mass and the man who can move faster than light itself (just as long as his mouth doesnt get in the way) Wally West the Flash.

Hope you likes.


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