Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Human Torch alight no more

In a move to once again show how Marvel is the front runner in imaginative and innovative storytelling the Fantastic Four has lost its most stellar member, the Human Torch. Really Marvel? You kill off the Human Torch? And thats going to change Marvel for ever?! You should have killed Reed, I mean he is the smartest man in the universe. Hell, it would have had more of an impact if it was the freaking Thing! But no, we kill off the kid who has to say "flame on!" Marvel you really do suck in too many ways to mention..... but I will try.

Now I dont think Marvel was the first to come up with the whole if a comic is failing kill the character off thing, I think that was DC and you know what that was groundbreaking!! DC has done a lot of stuff that Marvel just tries to bite! Marvel hasnt done anything and I mean anything original since the death of Gwen Stacey story line, no wait I mean the Dark Phoenix story line sorry. Marvel just bites what new, its not about story its about whatever is now. And you know what thats not how it should be. You should set the trend not follow it! Now back to the FF.

Mark Waid and the late great Mike Wieringo proved that you could make The Fantastic Four could be a fun, enjoyable, and innovative team to read about! I thought sales were good so why kill off the only person anybody can relate to? And dont tell me kids or even adults can relate to Ben Grimm cause when you boil it down everybody wants to fly and shoot flame outta their hands instead of being a blue eyed always on the outside of the party cause of his "monsterous" appearance. Now MArvel and I havent been on the best of terms and this might be setting up a much bigger story in which we see how Ben deals with the loss of his best bud, or Sue with with no brother and how she wasnt there to protect her little brother or Reed who now has more guilt cause another person was hurt because of one of his hair brained ideas. If Reed goes down the path of Mr. Impossible I will say nice idea Marvel (but then again not there idea really). I dont know Marvel, I have known that somebody in the FF was going to die but I was hoping it was going to be one of the kids cause that really would have been original (even though its already happened to Aquaman).

It just seems that Marvel has now figured out that if you want sales to go up or free publicity kill off a character. Worked for Captain America but then again his book didnt need it cause his sales were very good best in years and you know why that is kids? Solid story telling!!!!! So now the press is making a big deal about it and everybody will probably go buy this book because we all now comic book characters stay dead dont we?! the FF will see a rise in sales in there Trade Paperbacks (I refuse to call the Graphic Novels) and then somehow Johnny will come back or maybe it will be one of the kids who will somehow become a teenager over the san of a few issues to fill the void.

Course now we have Vampires about to make the Marvel Universe's landscape change "forever" so its just all up in the air for me, so I guess Johnny buying it is kinda a blessing. He doesnt have to see what other crap the Marvel higher ups are going to throw our way. RIP Johny Storm the only Human Torch in my book.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Hypernauts update

Wasnt really happy with one of the characters of this little group so I wanted to swap her out with a new model. So re-introducing The Hypernauts: Edgar Hyper the super-scientist, Eris Hyper the goddess of discord, Hayley Hyper the spy, and Samuel Hyper the powerhouse with the brain of a walnut.

The Atomic Spider

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year everybody!

Astro Amber

Xmas present for my girlfriend Amber, still need to color it and all.

Amber Stone

Xmas present for my girlfriend Amber, still need to color it and all.

Amber Light sketch

Xmas present for my girlfriend Amber, still need to color it and all.