Monday, January 30, 2012

Guardian Redesign

Before there was Cyborg, there was Mal Duncan. Now Mal has had a bizarre history. Some of which were completely thrown out and denied. Im bringing it back. At one point Mal got himself a supersuit and became Guardian and then he got some horn and became even lamer. Here is my idea for him.

While working for Star Labs security guard Mal watches as agents from Apokalips enter and try to steal some of the experiments of Dr. Karen Beecher. Mal rushed to help but was knocked aside and was about to be killed if not for the timely intervention of Lady Troy, The Flash , and The Human Target. When the heroes looked like they were about to loose Mal grabbed some Apokalipse tech and and defeated the baddies. After that, using the tech left by the invading force Star Labs created a suit and weaponry for Mal for his new role as Chief Security Officer as The Guardian. His exosuit grants him superhuman strength and increases his speed and durability. He carries a shield that can create a forceshield and he carries a horn that depending on what pitch he hits can do a number of things; like open portals to other dimensions, create localized blizzards, or life like illusions.


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sam anderson said...

Nice combining all the elements of Mal Duncan after watching Young Justice I would welcome his return.