Sunday, March 30, 2008

Maxine and her Golem

The last members of my superhero group Maxine detective of the occult and her Golem. Maxine is a wizard in training who used her powers during an other-dimensional invasion to awaken the original golem created to protect the Jews from their Egyptian masters centuries ago. The golem at first will be dependent on Maxine for direction but with time will become his own being independent of her control. The look he will adopt is going to be posted soon. Thanks for lookin'


Monday, March 17, 2008

More DC revisions

I'm on this DC Comics kick lately... so I decided to try out redesigning a character that just doesn't seem to find his right place in the Batman mythos, Nightwing. The original Robin has had his ups and downs and has sometimes proven that he isn't Batman-lite but more often than not he is written as this brooding character and I just have a problem with that. First and foremost unlike any of the other sidekicks of his generation he was not a miniature version of his mentor (like Kid-Flash or Wonder Girl) he was his own person. Happy and comfortable with who he was and what he was. So when Teen Titans turned him into Nightwing I loved it. But then something happened... HE LOST HIS WAY. He became this guy who didn't do quick jokes and instead tried to be the man, in his youth, he didn't want to be.... Batman! So I think if he was to be the next Batman he would do it with a little more flair like when George Perez first drew him as Nightwing. MIne is a little more streamlined than George's but not so minimalist like his current costume. I also gave him back his wings, he was after all a high flying grayson back in the circus so I wanted him to be able to fly as high as he wanted. The belt and gauntlets have his little gadgets and hold his main weapons the Escrima Sticks. Now it is said he has a stun gun in one of his gauntlets in his current costume but I wanted that to be added to the sticks, so he can take on supers with a little bit of an edge. The goggles are for night-vision and heads up display. Hope you guys like.
Next up is the original Wonder Girl herself Donna Troy. Although I love her George Perez design (until she became Troia) I wanted to try one the said "toga"... more Amazon. I gave her back her ponytail, kinda retro crap that I love. I wanted her bracelets to be more like gauntlets so that they could give her hits a little more power for her hands. And of course her nose and skin were changed a little to more reflect her Greek heritage. I didn't want her to be a slimmer version of Wonder Woman or use that black star outfit they keep putting her in, but I wanted to stay close to her original look and her first look as Wonder Girl during the Perez/Wolfman Teen Titans.
Again thanks again for looking and I hope you enjoyed my drawings and at least tolerated my ramblings. Laters