Thursday, March 26, 2009

Batman 2.0 Winner

Well I didnt win the Batman 2.0 at Project Rooftop. You know I dont think they read at all any of the background people might send with their drawings... which makes sense cause if you dont hit a home run visually it doesnt matter what explanation you try and give your guy having this or that. So Im kinda depressed... make that really depressed about the whole thing, but Chris Arrant gave me a 9 outta 10 so that makes me happy. Anyway this is the design that should have won the whole thing (he got 1st prize but he should have gotten grand prize ya ask me). His name is Daniel Heard, look him up!!! You should see the mock ups for the costume, sensational stuff. Anyway I am going to start drinking now to wallow in my looserness. laters.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Avengers Assemble to smash!!

Now after the Hulk blasts through the Xmen you know who comes next... The Avengers!! I loved the 80's roster and so I featured many of them here. I took some liberties with some of the costumes and looks for them so they're not completely accurate. So we got Captain America leading Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel (hated her Photon codename) Goliath, Ms. Marvel (who should just be called Captain Marvel these days) Hawkeye, and the Wasp. Of course Cap doesn't do anything without a plan B to Z so Ironman, Vision, and Hercules are sneaking up behind the green behemoth (of course that's Spider-Man all the way in the back) while Thor holds back for Cap's signal. Can't wait to ink and color this.


Hulk smash xmen!

Here is a piece I'm working on. Just at the sketch stage right now. If you haven't guessed it's the Hulk about to get into a big time fight with the Xmen. He has as you can see already taken care of the midget with the claws. I went with the 80's era Xmen, but as you can tell I went with Storm's original outfit and Shadowcat's blue costume. Of course Beast, Iceman, and Angel were part of the Defenders at this point but what the hell...