Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marvel T shirts that will never be....

So I got asked to be a part of this contest by the nice people over at to join their Design an Avenger T-shirt contest. So honored to be asked I did three designs, one in my usual style while the others I wanted to try some different looks. And although I think I could have done better I thought I would have a decent shot considering some of the others I saw. Alas that is not the case since Marvel's Licensing dept did not approve of my designs. I asked why but unfortunately Marvel would not say, guess they just sucked. Oh well, better luck next time.

So the first one is kinda like a kids patriotic coloring book cover. Or at least that is what I was going for.

This next one is like a sunday comic strip with the heroes watching the movie of them.

And last is one in my style with more of a Movie poster feel to it.

Just wanted to share.