Sunday, April 27, 2008

Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade Contest

Well its a official, project rooftop has made its choices for the winners of Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade! The idea is how you would draw Iron Man if you were given the job, not to totally redesign but give it your ow flare. Unfortunately my design wasn't one of the ones chosen so I thought I would post it here for all to see.

to visit project:rooftop to see the finalist just follow this link


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things to come...

Just a quick sketch of a character I'm designing called Dragokin. I should have the colors of it and others up this weekend. Till then


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beware! Ragnarok is coming!!!

Ragnarok is a terrorist group bent on bringing the world to the brink of destruction by any means possible. Conquest, war, famine... CHAOS!! Its the name of the game. Here are some of the members.

Centuries ago gods and giants fought over the fate of the world. In the end Earth survived unscathed but the gods and their world was lost. Only a chosen few survived to tell the tale... one did not handle it well. His name was Baldur god of light and beauty. You see it was his death the beckoned the start of the war and when it was over he was reincarnated and left to deal with his home and family being destroyed and him unable to fight alongside them. This guilt twisted the god of light until he came to think that Earth was not worth the price paid by his people. Over the centuries he has found and killed other survivors and added their strength to his own waiting until the time he can bring this world down in burning chaos. And then came Hitler, using the Nazi movement as a spring board Baldur going by the name of simply The Baron created the secret sect that was in charge of experiments both occult and scientific. He was responsible for many horrors and was convinced he would finally make our world pay like his did. BUT THEN THE NAZI'S LOST. He disappeared to for a time and realized he could do more harm by using the system man created against itself. Business was the new battlefield and Baldur would rule it. Now using his fortune he has once agin started to plague the world with chaos. He will be vindicated and this world will pay.

Blut is the result of genetic manipulation by the German's who were trying to create super soldiers by splicing the human DNA with that of vampires that the Nazi's had captured. Out of the 300 volunteers only one survived the process. Taking the name Blut she would become the top assassin for Germany and close partner to the ghost knight Eisen who she would come to call her older "brother". When the war ended she was presumed dead during an air raid. What had actually happened is unclear but she was found by Baldur living on the streets in a small town in Lithuania. Once he helped her regain her memory she pledged her undying devotion to him and his dreams of chaos.

Eisen is actually a result of the Nazi's experiments with the occult. They tried to create an army of undead soldiers that could fight endlessly for the cause, but what they got was a disembodied spirit who inhabits a indestructible suit of armor and only craves one thing.... WAR!! When the war ended Eisen was trapped until he was released by his "sister" Blut to serve Ragnarok.

No Nazi group would be complete without a mad scientist and so here he is! At first a toy maker with his father in a small village in Germany, his life would be changed forever when Berlin would start its bid to take over the world. His skill with mechanics helped create many destructive machines for the Nazi's. When the war ended he went underground escaping to South America. As he got older his body parts were replaced with mechanical ones until finally he was encased in his own exoskeleton body. Now more machine than man he works for Ragnarok as their resident scientist and machinesmith, ThinkTank!

These guys are called The Storm they are the soldiers of Ragnarok. Its said they are made from the bodies of dead soldiers who have died during the many wars around the world, dug up and reanimated to serve their new masters. Or that they were genetically created from the genetic material from the sons of Thor the thunder god, Magni and Modi, who Baldur killed so many centuries ago. Whatever their real origin is, the one thing all can agree upon is, their lethal and precise attacks makes them one of the most feared soldiers on the planet.

As always thanks for lookin'.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another look for Alpha

An updated look for Alpha the All-American. Hopefully this will be her final look, course you never know. As always thanks for lookin'


Monday, April 7, 2008

Is that a new suit?

Here is the golem that I introduced last week in his new threads as Geb Graystone Paranormal Investigator. He acts as the figure head and muscle for the detective agency started by his creator, novice witch Maxine. Input is, as always, welcomed. Thanks