Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marvel T shirts that will never be....

So I got asked to be a part of this contest by the nice people over at to join their Design an Avenger T-shirt contest. So honored to be asked I did three designs, one in my usual style while the others I wanted to try some different looks. And although I think I could have done better I thought I would have a decent shot considering some of the others I saw. Alas that is not the case since Marvel's Licensing dept did not approve of my designs. I asked why but unfortunately Marvel would not say, guess they just sucked. Oh well, better luck next time.

So the first one is kinda like a kids patriotic coloring book cover. Or at least that is what I was going for.

This next one is like a sunday comic strip with the heroes watching the movie of them.

And last is one in my style with more of a Movie poster feel to it.

Just wanted to share.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Donna Troy as Lady Troy

So I have done this particular version of Donna a number of times. I just like this version of her a lot. So the idea is the Donna was the little sister of Wonder Woman but eventually finds out she is actually a goddess with vast cosmic power that was hidden on Paradise Island by the Amazons so that she would not be killed by the other gods. While on Paradise Island she is trained as a fighter and hones her powers in secret, until she met a young Robin, Flash, and Aqualad and became a Teen Titan!

As a celestial demi-goddess Donna can lift (press) close to 95 tons, her cosmic awareness gives her empathic powers and mild clairvoyance, and she can use her cosmic energies to rearrange matter or shoot powerful beams of force. She carries a golden lasso that she can mentally control to ensnare enemies and wears gauntlets she uses to deflect magic attacks (not so much for bullets since her skin is strong enough to take a mortar shell at close range).

Human Target Redesign

Its no secret that I love Dick Grayson but I am not a fan of the Nghtwing persona. What I loved that Marv Wolfman did with Dick in Teen Titans was he had him be this master of disguise. And I thought that would be perfect if Dick became like this super spy. So like Batman before him Dick goes all around the world and learns from the best only he goes to the superhero community to learn. And soo gathering different tech from others and going with the joke that he was a human target as Robin all those years Dick becomes The Human Target! So I wanted to keep him within the same color palette he had as Robin but update it with some gadgets. He still has his Escrima sticks, and shoes that can stick to walls, gloves that give an electrical shock and the Questions mask that allows him to change his appearance as he sees fit.

Queen Bee Redesign

Karen Beecher was working again overnight at her office at Star labs when she saw a boom tube open and agents from Darkseid appeared to take her and her research away. But they were soon defeated by The Teen Titans and that folks was it! She had to et into that! Designing a suit and enhancing herself by manipulating her genetic code she became Queen Bee, able to fire darts that can shock a persons nervous system, fly at high speed thanks to mechanical wings, and control insects with her headband. Her and Guardian are now members of the Teen Titans.

I originally wasnt going to do her but lets face it she was the first back female superhero for DC.... So I had to!

Guardian Redesign

Before there was Cyborg, there was Mal Duncan. Now Mal has had a bizarre history. Some of which were completely thrown out and denied. Im bringing it back. At one point Mal got himself a supersuit and became Guardian and then he got some horn and became even lamer. Here is my idea for him.

While working for Star Labs security guard Mal watches as agents from Apokalips enter and try to steal some of the experiments of Dr. Karen Beecher. Mal rushed to help but was knocked aside and was about to be killed if not for the timely intervention of Lady Troy, The Flash , and The Human Target. When the heroes looked like they were about to loose Mal grabbed some Apokalipse tech and and defeated the baddies. After that, using the tech left by the invading force Star Labs created a suit and weaponry for Mal for his new role as Chief Security Officer as The Guardian. His exosuit grants him superhuman strength and increases his speed and durability. He carries a shield that can create a forceshield and he carries a horn that depending on what pitch he hits can do a number of things; like open portals to other dimensions, create localized blizzards, or life like illusions.

Wally West Flash Redesign

So Wally West is the Flash for me. Barry is just to freaking boring! So no change to Wally's story really. Anyway with this design I wanted Wally to still be a teenager so he was still growing. Massive legs while the rest of him is slimmer because of all the running. I wanted his costume to be sleek and shiny and I tried to be somewhat different from his last costume. You let me know if it worked.

Aqualad Redesign

Born an exile amongst the other Atlantians due to his lineage he was soon found by Aquaman and trained to use his many gifts; Garth took the name Aqualad in honor of his mentor.

So here is what I imagine Garth could look like as the new Aqualad. Using specials cells in his skin he can become almost invisible in the water or create blinding light; he can swim faster than most planes can fly in the air, project needles from his forearms that contain a neurotoxin, or use his incredible strength to lift (press) 65 tons.

For this design I wanted to go a different rout than I usually do with my aquatic guys. I wanted to make him colorful without using the same old colors of blue or green. The idea is he lives in the great barrier reefs and so his color should reflect that.

Silver Scarab as Silverwind

So this character is a combination of Hector Hall the Silver Scarab and the Hawk's godson Northwind; introducing Sliverwind (since Silverhawk was already taken). Using Nth metal to create a power suit Hector leads Infinty Inc. using the teachings from his father who led the JSA for most of its existence. Silverwind can fly as fast as Mach3 and his energy armor can absorb kinetic energy and use it by bolstering his strength and speed as well as make weapons like his energy mace.

Nuklon Redesign

Being born a mutant is not always a great thing. Al Rothstein learned this the hard way. His mother was the daughter of the villain Cyclotron who's radiation powers Al would later develop as he got older. But soon the radiation got out of control and Al now needs to wear an armored suit to contain the radiation he produces. His powers make him able to lift about 85 tons, grow to the size of about 15 feet, or allow him to increase or decrease his mass so he can become as hard as a diamond or phase through walls. Taking the name Nuklon Al designed his suit to resemble the one his grandfathers (Al Prat the original Atom and Terence Curtis Cyclotron) wore.

Dr. Midnight Redesign

Todd Rice had a very difficult life, with an abusive foster parent he could have become another victim but instead wanted to become a survivor. Taking up with his studies the young Todd would become a physician of many fields and has become the super hero communities resident doctor. Going by the name Midnight as a homage to the original Dr. Midnite, Todd is fighting crime and mending bones as a member of Infinity Inc!

Jade Redesign

Jennie-Lynn Hayden had a good life, foster parents that loved her and a power that allowed her to do so many great things. But it came with a price, she was born green and on a day when her concentration faltered she showed the other children her true appearance. The children chased her away and right into traffic. Jennie was hit by a car and was left as a paraplegic. But one day she realized her pulse allowed her to leave her body as pure starheart energy. Now going as the name Jade she joins her twin brother as a member of Infinity Inc!

Fury Redesign

Lyta Trevor was raised as an Amazon. But she was not an Amazon, daughter of the insane Helena Kosmatos she was a girl with no friends except for Wonder Woman who trained the girl in secret and helped her get her magical armaments. Like her shield and armor which were made by Athena herself and her own bolts of lightning given to her by Zues after she saved him from his mad Titan Cronus. So taking the name Fury like her mother she fights for the weak and innocent with Infinity Inc!

Brainwave Jr redesign

Brainwave Jr and his mighty mind! I wanted to make my Brainwave to be like his old man with a misshapen head and short. I mean have you seen what his dad looked like, there is no way he would look normal. So I mad his brain look like it absorbed his skull and his head is all brain baby! So this short and out of shape kid is able to use his mind to lift several tons, read minds, or caste illusions. Although Powerful he has to work on his stamina and precision.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Titans Go

So Since I did the Infinite Titans piece I wanted to do a Teen Titans spread. So from left to right: Mal Duncan as The Guardian, Wally West The Flash, Dick Greyson as The Human Target, Karen Beecher as Queen Bee, Donna Troy as Lady Troy Celestial Amazon, and Garth as Aqualad. Ill post them each separately soon.


Infinity Inc Redesign

So I did that Hourman redesign a few months back and I wanted to tackle the rest of Infinity Inc! So here they are the rest of my Infiniters. Didn't include Skyman cause I just didn't want to. So from right to left: Fury, Midnight, Silverwind, Nuklon, Hourman, Jade, and Brainwave Jr.

The group is led by Silverwing AKA Hector Hall son of the Hawks. With his Nth metal space armor he is unbeatable in the air. Fury uses her Amazonian power and her armor from Athena and Zues lightning to fight evil. Midnight AKA Todd Rice, uses his shadow powers for good but is most useful as the team's doctor while his sister Jennie-Lynn Hayden otherwise known as Jade is the resident lady of the green flame. And rounding off the team is Rick Tyler as Hourman who has a different power each hour and Henry King Jr better known as Brainwave Jr and his mighty mind!

Ill post each separately soon.

Hope you dig