Tuesday, February 5, 2008

La Señora de Sol

Here is the latest update from my Allies group. Her name is La Señora de Sol and she is my version of Wonder Woman. On a dig in Central Mexico a young woman sacrifices herself to save the lives of her colleagues from the terrorist organization known as The Storm. In doing so her blood fell on the amulet of Huitzilopochtli the sun god and was transformed into a demi-goddess with vast magical powers. Using her magical voice and calming presence she fights the evil that hides in the dark. Originally, she was an irish druid/elf type that I posted earlier last month, but I just didnt like the way she was coming out. This was an idea I had way back for something else, so I brought her in and merged the both of them. I'm not totally sold on her costume, so I'm working it out. Thanks for lookin'


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