Friday, February 29, 2008


One of my favorite books when I was a kid was The All-Star Squadron. It was set in WW2 and featured many JSA characters like the Golden Age Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman and many others. So it is because of that book (and the amazing art of Jerry Ordway) that when DC comics brought many of these characters back in the new JSA some years back that I found a whole new reason to enjoy comics again. Taking a break from my own stuff here are some of my own interpretations for some of those of the JSA.

First up is Hawkman, to me the baddest mutherhumper in the DC universe. Forget Batman, forget Bronze Tiger (who?) the meanest and best fighter should be Hawkman. With over two thousand years of combat experience under his belt; he should be able to out-think, out-maneuver, and just plain house all comers. And since he also has some of that alien tech he shouldn't just be coming at you with some old mace from the 12 century.... say it with me...SPACE MACE!!!! I loved Chris Batista's run on Hawkman cause he really showed how Hawkman could look with some space weapons, this is my attempt to emulate Batista's look for the winged hero. You can bet I am going to do more of him and I am going to be putting a lot of gear on this man. This is just for starters.

Next up is Power Girl. Now I Have always like her over Supergirl for one reason (and it has nothing to do with the big hole in her costume to show her... well, you know) she was a strong woman. Supergirl was always coming off as just Superman cutsey cousin, but Power Girl was her own woman who could handle anybody without her cousin's help. She stood side by side with the golden age heroes and looked like she belonged there. I'm gonna do some new designs for her costume cause I really want to get away from the window chest design... But here it is anyway. Im not one of the Alex Ross followers that makes her out to be this muscle bound and frankly way to old looking woman with that oh so seventies cow lick haircut. I went with a younger look with more of a no need to muss with it in the morning haircut and just an athletic build. And with the younger look a gave her kinda Captain Marvel (another of my favorites) boots and matching gloves.

Here is my favorite couple of the JSA Hourman and Liberty Belle. I lover Liberty Belle in the All-Star Squad books 'cause... because Dammit!! She led the team and she was a badass .Now Im not sure when she got her sonic powers cause I never saw her use them all that much but I just loved her look and now that Jesse Quick has taken the mantle up with not only her mom's strength but her dad's speed she is just fantastic. Now Hourman is somebody who has a lame power true... super strength and durability for just an hour a day, but I just loved the original and I love his son who has taken up the costume. Personally they haven't done all that much with his powers lately but I would like to see them add more to his future sight, or hell just give him more to work with like being able to see into the past or jump in time, he deserves something!! There will be more of these two.

And this is what I would do visually to Stars & Stripes. Stars being the current Stargirl wielder of the cosmic rod once held by Starman. Now Stripes is her Step-brother instead of her dad and with a whole new look for the armor. The original Stripes was always portrayed as this huge guy and when he put on the armor when he went patrolling with his daughter it has like this 14 foot tall manga robot. The new Stripes is now sleek and slim to match his young son who wants to join the family bizz of super heroing. As for Stargirl I wanted her to be more cosmic and less little girl. She's been in the game a while now and has grown up to be a real hero and with the cosmic converter belt and staff she becomes infused with cosmic energy, allowing her to be an actual mini-star.
Hope you enjoy the update. Thanks for looking.


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