Sunday, July 3, 2011

Avengers forever

So what would happen if Reed Richards was the only survivor of the four.

Or if the original and All-new Xmen all died on that island?

What if there were no Avengers because Tony Stark died in Korea, Thor was never sent to Earth, David Banner died trying to save young Rick Jones, and Henry Pym died while fighting the alien menace to save billionaire Janet Van Dyne.

Well here is one example of what could be: An Avengers team sponsored by the mercenary Puma and miss Va Dyne. With Reed "The Thing" Richards and his assistant Roger Boches in his Box armor. Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat the best spy/thief in the business. The Emissary of the Kree Empire Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. Dane Whitman as the mystical warrior and all around science bad ass the Black Knight and the team powerhouse Richard Rider as the Comet (based off of Marvels Comet-Man).

Hope you like


Malignidad said...

this is bad ass Man!!!! cool!!!!

1coyote said...

Thank you, so happy you like!