Sunday, March 13, 2011

Model 6

Model 6

Professor Horatio Goodson had a vision of creating an artificial intelligence that could mimic a human in every way. After decades of work, he had completed design on thirteen different models but only Model 6 was successful. Moments after activating Model 6’s anamorphic matrix, which allows her to change her form, Goodson was mortally wounded by his competitor Maximilian Whitechapel. With Goodson dying in her arms, Model 6 promised she would stop Whitechapel and traveled to New York where she befriended a young runaway named Billy who teaches her how to better understand her own humanity. Model 6 fights Whitechapel and the forces of evil by transforming into one of six different super heroines that are exaggerated pieces of her personality:

Silver Boxer is a no nonsense African American who’s an accomplished pugilist and has hard silver skin that gives her a high degree of invulnerability.

Righteous Fox is a shy Asian American who uses her stealth and acrobatic ability to take down her enemies.

Blonde Victory is a narcissistic German with a noticeable accent. Her main abilities are super strength and speed.

Space Cadet is a flighty Anglo from Great Britain with empathic manipulation abilities that can alter people’s moods.

Holo-Girl is a happy go lucky All-American valley girl. She can fly and has two spheres that follow her that can create blinding flashes of light, beams of heat or concussive force.

Crystal Sky is a super-intelligent Hispanic with cybernetic implants and hi-tech weaponry. She is able to create advanced machines from seemingly any material.


Marcelo Baez said...

Cool blog! Great art too...

1coyote said...

Thanks Marcelo! Hope you dig what I do in the future!

jamie holmes said...

Great work espeacially this new one. :)


NDASH said...

Great blog! and this one is really nice!