Monday, May 18, 2009


Here is my entry for the newest contest over at project rooftop featuring everybody's favorite Canadian (besides Puck from Alpha Flight of course) Wolverine!!

The idea for this redesign is to go back to his first appearance as an agent of Weapon X. So he gets an upgrade with some equipment like infrared goggles, audio hookup, body armor, and every super agent needs a gun (even gave him some cases for his cigars). I wanted him to be like a small tank stocky and just built to do damage. So on those rare occasions that he doesnt use his claws he is outfitted with adamantium Gauntlets, Knee & shin guards and steel tipped boots to kick the crap outta anybody that pisses him off. So Here is Wolverine, Agent of Weapon X


Daniel Heard said...

wicked good sir. I really like the way you worked the slash design on the chest. Aces.

AmpGeez said...

Really dope. Myy only problem, I wished the full length Wolvie would've been wearing the mask and unmasked Logan would be a smaller inset. Really dope though.

AmpGeez said...

Hey. Big comic book fan and I've been asking around for advice on a project me and a friend have been working on since High School, but just decided to really start taking serious. We've created an expansive comic universe but after years of brainstorming and planning, it's grown so big we decided to scale it back and focus on one aspect of the universe to try and actually get it published. Neither of us are great artists and I was wondering how would you suggest we go about trying to meet an artist who can offer some help in terms of character designs. We've kinda hit a wall and I think actually seeing visual representations of the characters could provide some inspiration. Also, years of keeping our ideas to ourselves, we've come to a point where we'd welcome a critique of our ideas. It would be refreshing to get an outside perspective to let us know if we're on the right track. I know you're a busy guy so I'd appreciate any input you can offer. My email is Hope to hear from you.


1coyote said...

Thanks for the critique Daniel and glad we've hooked up on facebook. AmpGeez I would love to talk about your ideas or help out in any way I can. Ill email you soon so we can see what we can do.