Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Xmas without getting a really dumb injury

So here I am trying to wrap presents when BOOM!! I cut my finger like a real idiot. How do I do it? Well friends if there is a way somebody can hurt themselves in the most ridiculous way possible it is me. So as I try not to spill blood all over my friends really nice house I realize that for the past two to three weeks my friend has been hassling me to get Health  Insurance. And you know what.... I blame him for jinxing me!! If it wasn't for him putting it out there, none of this would have happened! Now I get to wear this lovely bandage, that god only knows how much that's gonna cost me, for two days (its gonna slip off while I sleep). So I will have a nice new scar to add to my list this Christmas. Yay!! Happy Holidays kids I hope everybody gets what they want this year!


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