Monday, November 3, 2008

Who needs Lancelot?!

Now I have always liked Mr Dane Whitman otherwise known as The Black Knight. Lately people have been just messing the poor boys history all up to hell. Am I the only one who read Heroes for Hire when Dane was on the team with his new Avalon armor and weapons? He was actually good. No scratch that he was great! He wasn't just some guy with a sword that he only hit people with the flat side and crap like that, not some dude with a kmart lightsaber and a bad lorenzo lamas look, but grew into a major player. But that was soon forgotten and he was again delegated to being a dude with an ebony sword (still not sure if its the original or not). But it seems that in Captain Britain and MI13 that his Avalon powers might be back. A Light shield to go with his ebony blade... brilliant! Seriously its so simple its perfect. Now if the horse he is flying on is his from Heroes for Hire then we are set (I mean it could fly underwater or in outerspace and could reach mach 1 for crying out loud! MAGIC HORSES RULE) Anyway here is Dane in his new look with some minor tweaks. Thanks for looking, opinions are welcomed.

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