Sunday, June 1, 2008

Silver Age, how I miss thee..

So I have been in a little bit of a Silver Age mood lately. I just love how some of those characters were so campy and just over the top, and I wanted to see if I could come up with a couple that had that kind of feel to them. Hope I succeeded.

First up is former NASA pilot The Astro-Nut! Once a respected Astronaut who was manning an experimental one man shuttle when an accident sent him deep into space presumed lost forever. He returned some years later empowered with vast cosmic powers and driven insane by the years of wandering the blackness of space. He might act silly but he is very capable of taking some of the most powerful superhero groups.

Next is the princess of a vast intergalactic empire named by reporters when she arrived on earth in the fifties as Venus D'milo. She has tried on several occasions to marry or enslave the man called Captain Neutron and armed with her other-wordly charms and armor she has brought many men to their knees over the years.

Why is it that every time we experiment on monkeys they become homicidal maniacs? Well, Powder Monkey would tell you but he would much rather throw one of his hand bombs to make his point. I got big plans for this little fella.

Last is Jackie Frost, former supermodel who wanted to stay young so bad she spent millions to make her immortal. But the experiments had side effects and now she cant go out in weather above 10 degrees below freezing without wearing her specialized suit.

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