Saturday, May 17, 2008

The World Wide Web

Originally the Circle of the Dragon created by The Dragon Lord in the early 1920's, the group had been recently taken over and changed by his 137th wife, now called The Widow, when she killed him. Now called The Web, it boasts some of the most technologically advanced systems and soldiers the world has ever seen. The groups only goal is world domination through fear and intimidation and they have made it clear they will not stop until their goals are met. The Widow herself has not been seen in public but her soldiers and operatives are shown below.

The first of the Widow's soldiers is her best and most feared warrior, Wolf Spider. Her second in command, he is always by her side and is only sent out on the missions of the most importance. He commands the Huntsmen the main infantry of the terrorist group.

The Huntsmen are the infantry of The Web. Armed with Kinetic Blasters and the most sophisticated body armor and gear, they are a force feared throughout the world.

The general of the air infantry is Dragonfly. Once a respected pilot who was crippled during a crash, he was brought to The Widow and genetically altered, and given a suit so he can fly at speeds exceeding mach 3. With his ability to generate heat blasts that can melt steel like butter he is by far the most feared flyer in the skies.

The Fireflies are the air-force of The Web. Armed with Heat Blasters and housed in a suit capable of high altitude maneuvers and super sonic speeds, the Fireflies can handle most fighter jets in the air.

Last is The Widow's spy/assassin, Spiderwasp.

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