Saturday, January 12, 2008

New kid on the Flight

Could somebody please tell me why everybody thinks killing Alpha Flight and starting from scratch is such a great idea. They have done it like three times I think. Killing a character off just shows a lack of creativity on the part of the people writing it. I mean in a bizz where a character comes back from the dead more times then Jenna Jameson has porn movies it just suprises me when they think they cant make the original team of Alphans interesting or important in the marvel universe. The last time I picked up an issue was the last reboot with characters like some 90 year old with superpowers and Pucks daughter who is (of course) Asian and a bartender. They tried to make it like Justice League when it was written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. Totally new and cooky! Now it was kinda funny but it just wasnt interesting at all... except for one thing. I think it mainly had to do with the art but I liked the Plodex child they discovered. Calling him (what else) Mar, cause he looked just like Marrina, he eventually became an Alphan. Now what happened to this kid since everybody except Sasquatch was killed by the great idea called The Collective is unknown. We'll probably never see him again... But here he is with some originals. Talisman is now Shaman after her father retired from the superhero bizz. She carries both her tiara and her father's medecine bag. Heather is present with her and Mac's new baby boy and yes that is Box behind her. I love the original Box but I liked the jim lee version that had Jeffries iside transforming it as he needed. Aurora is by herself with a new bob and more elfish since thats how I always see her that way. She is flashing a little light to show she doesnt need her brother Northstar to use her light powers. I never understood why all the speedsters in the marvel universe were jerks so Northstar was not asked to join my team. I tried to go a little ultimate with Pucks outfit but Im gonna have to work on that. Thanks for looking

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